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Have you ever had a massage? When your body is aching there is nothing better than a high-quality massage to help you relax and relieve stress. Therapeutic massage like Janice Krieger at Light Touch Therapy of Flower Mound Texas can work wonders for a full range of ailments and symptoms. She literally has the magic touch and through years of education and experience, Janice understands how deep tissue massage can be used to heal aches and pains, help drain the lymphatic system and create a more balanced life for her patients.

Janice works hard to keep up to date with the latest and most effective methods in the massage therapy industry. Here techniques are unmatched and she truly loves what she does. Her passion for helping patients shines through in her work and she is happy to serve her friends in the Flower Mound Texas area. To learn more about Flower Mound and find out how you can contact Janice, please keep reading.

51f930cda246cacb7af7306255252b5346886_640More On Flower Mound!

Flower Mound is an incorporated area and town. It is located in both Tarrant and Denton County and the Northwest of Dallas Texas and North East of Fort Worth. It is directly across from Grapevine Lake and the town gets its name from a mound located in the middle of town.

The site was originally used as a religious base camp of sorts by settlers in the 1840’s. Flower Mound wasn’t incorporated until the 1960’s. Flower Mound is 43.4 square miles and sits at 604 feet of elevation. The town had a population of 64,669 as of the 2010 census and the metropolitan area it is a part of is around 6.5 million.

Flower Mound uses the 75022 and 75028 Zip Codes and the 214, 469, 682 and 817 area codes. It is a progressive community and one that is growing rapidly. Janice and Light Touch Therapy gladly serve the people of Flower Mound with all their massage needs.

Why Light Touch Therapy?

Because living today can be stressful. Being a resident in a larger community like Flower Mound is fast paced and can leave you tense. Tension can cause serious illness and it is important to relieve it whenever possible. For more information on how you can get a high quality massage, call Janice at Light Touch Therapy.

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