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Nothing is more relaxing or fulfilling than a full body massage. At Light Touch Therapy in Denton, Janice Krieger specializes in the ultimate experience. Here specialized deep tissue massages can be used to help alleviate a host of symptoms that patients suffer from on a daily occurrence. Headaches, muscle aches, stress, and general muscle soreness are treatable through one of the many different types of massages offered from Janice.

51ed5996970326fa7b016cec28a8d400b8a22_640Reflexology and Lymph Drainage Therapy are both examples of the therapeutic treatments offered by Janice Krieger at Light Touch Therapy of Denton Texas. Janice’s experience has given her the ability to help patients create a more balanced, healthier and worry free life without the need of medication. Natural massage is essential to a person’s wellbeing and Janice gives the best available massages in the area. If you’re new to the Highland Village area, welcome, please keep reading to learn more on how you can benefit from Janice and her touch.

More On Highland Village Texas

Highland Village, a city located in Denton County Texas is a smaller suburb of Texas. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was just above 15,000 people. Highland Village is located in the Eastern part of the state.

There is 6.4 square miles of land in Highland Village and it sits at an elevation of 554 feet. The city uses the 75077 Zip Code and 972 area code. Highland Village was incorporated in 1963 and is part of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. It’s functions primarily as a residential area although more and more business is occurring within the city. Highland Village is in the Central Time Zone. If you live in the Highland Village area and are in need of a massage, let Janice Krieger at Light Touch Therapy take care of you.

Why Light Touch Therapy?

Being a licensed and experienced masseuse, Janice is prepared to use her skills to help you get the deep feeling of relaxations you’ve been looking for. Her techniques are also great for the multitude of health benefits they incur. To learn more and schedule an appointment call by phone or reach Janice online.

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