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Nothing leads to a more peaceful life than a high-quality massage from Light Touch Therapy. Janice has spent years perfecting her art and taking her skills as a certified, licensed masseuse to the next level. Because in today’s modern, fast paced world, it’s very easy to accumulate stress. Stress can lead to worry and anxiety that in turn leads to health concerns.

To relieve stress it’s important people take the necessary steps like exercise and fitness. Massage is also one of the primary ways a patient can reduce stress in their life. When a patient can effectively reduce stress in their life they live happier and healthier than ever before. Janice’s massage therapy can also be used to drain the lymph glands and for other more specialized reasons like CranioSacral Therapy. Janice is happy to serve the people of Lewisville with her expertise and to learn more about the area please read more.

More on Lewisville Texas

51f9324662861485e5769a37fd33738655bf6_640Lewisville is located in Denton County Texas and has a population of 77,737 people as of 2010 and it is growing rapidly. According to the 2010 census, Lewisville is one of the fastest growing cities in population in the United States.

There are 34.6 square miles of land in Lewisville and 6.07 of that is Lewisville Lake. Originally it was called Holford’s Prairie and the name was changed in the 1840’s.

Lewisville has a total square mileage of 42.47 square miles. There is a total current population of 101,074 and a density of 2,816 people per square mile. The Zip Codes used in Lewisville are 75029, 75057, 75067, and 75077. The Area Codes are 214, 469, and 972. Light Touch Therapy is proud to serve the people of Lewisville with all their massage therapy needs.

Why Light Touch Therapy?

At Light Touch, Janice is the perfect example of what happens when someone loves what he or she does. Her specialized care and attention to the needs of her customers is unrivaled. Janice works hard at keeping her knowledge base of therapy up to date with the most current techniques used to give her patients the best experience possible. To learn more, please call or reach us through online.

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