Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a joyful yet delicate state for women. Many hormonal, physical and emotional changes may be experienced in this time. For many years, Janice Light Touch Therapy has been providing massage to expectant mothers here in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Massage has been proven effective in relieving stress, pain, anxiety and many other health concerns. So whether it is for a specific pain or strain removal or just a “me time” moment, call us and we will treat you with our gentle touch.

What is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy Massage is a hands-on massage that is specifically tailored for the needs of pregnant women. Although coined as “Pregnancy Massage,” it can be performed during or after pregnancy. It involves techniques that are proven safe and beneficial for expectant mothers. As such, it is proven to be instrumental and a good physical and emotional supplement to prenatal care for it eases the strain and stress that come with pregnancy.

Importance of Getting a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an exceptional experience for women. It is joyful and blissful yet stressful at the same time. Hence, getting a massage is deemed beneficial. Pregnancy Massage assists women with the following.

Improvement of nerve pain: It was found that women who take prenatal massage experience a significant decrease in sciatic nerve pain. It is the pain experienced along the lower back to the legs. This is caused by the swelling or pressure on nearby nerves caused by the pressure from the uterus.

Regulation of hormone: Studies show that incorporating prenatal massage into regular prenatal care leads to a significant increase in the levels of hormones associated with relaxation. In addition, it causes a considerable decrease in the levels of hormones associated with stress and depression. In turn, these hormone level changes bring about fewer birth complications and fewer newborn complications.

Reduction of swelling: It was observed that massage during pregnancy helps women with edema, or the swelling of joints among pregnant women. Edema is usually caused by the pressure put by the heavy uterus on major blood vessels and by the reduced circulation. Massage stimulates soft tissues to reduce the stagnant fluids in swollen joints. This also helps in removing tissue waste.

Other Potential Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Reduced back, leg and joint pain
Improved blood and lymph circulation
Reduced headaches and muscle tension
Increased levels of hormones associated with happiness and relaxation
Reduced anxiety and stress
Reduced symptoms of depression
Better mood
Improved sleep
Improved oxygenation of muscles and soft tissues
Reduced fatigue
Improved labor outcomes
Improved health among newborns

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