Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing is an unconventional way of healing that goes beyond the treatment of physical or emotional symptoms. It is an intelligent and powerful hands-off energy technique that works in a profound way, healing the patient wholly by assisting the body, mind and spirit to achieve a state of balance.

Reconnective healing is done by placing the hands above the body, performing a circular movement, to connect with the patient’s energy field. This energy works at all levels—physical, emotional, mental or spiritual—bringing an experience of life transformation.

Reconnective Healing Research Findings

Due to its healing abilities, Reconnective Healing has gained popularity among scientists. In recent years, a number of researches have been conducted to prove its effectiveness. The following are some of the findings proving its efficacy.

• Using EEG and ECG scans, it was found that there’s a significant change in the healer’s and patient’s brain and heart activities during the session.

• It was found that there is a link between gamma radiation absorption and healing. During a reconnective healing session, both the healer and patient absorb gamma radiation, mutually benefiting the therapist and patient.

• Absorption rate of gamma radiation are observed to change during the sessions. Due to the potassium present in soft tissues, the body normally emits low levels of gamma radiation.

• Some randomized studies prove that reconnective healing frequencies are real and can be felt. In addition, they were noted to be strong and palpable.

• Some studies confirm that reconnective healers can emit and transmit electromagnetic frequencies and light around their bodies.

• It was found that there is a dramatic increase in the electromagnetic field surrounding the hands of subjects. It was earlier established that the high level of electromagnetic energy makes the healer capable of bringing about a change from disequilibrium to equilibrium state, or from the disease to health state. As such, this increase proves to be advantageous.

• A huge change in the room thermodynamic free energy was observed during a session despite a negligible change in the actual temperature. This change allows the practitioner to perform the healing.

• Some laboratory studies show that shocked or damaged plants can be healed by affecting changes in the DNA through reconnective healing.

• It was found that this type of healing seems to have the ability to move things into an organized and eased state.

• Some laboratory observations show that healers can increase the oscillation and amplitude of magnetic frequencies by turning on the frequencies around their bodies.

Benefits of Reconnective Healing

• Connection with the source of all healing
• Enhanced evolution and healing
• Removal of traumas and emotional blocks
• Heightened perception, awareness and psychic abilities
• Enhanced mental and creative process
• Greater ability to manifest dreams
• Ability to deal with stress and conflicts
• Achievement of a state of balance and harmony
• Enhanced confidence, self-belief, self-worth, clarity, focus
• Reactivation of dormant strands of DNA resulting in unlimited possibilities
• Recovery from drug or alcohol afflictions

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